Member Jake Coryell Speaks to the Group at Confluence

On  January 22, Sioux Falls Up & Coming member Jake Coryell spoke to our group about his job at Confluence. Read a little bit more about Jake and his career in his own words:

What inspired you to become a Landscape Architect?

JAKE: Civil engineering was my initial pursuit, but I discovered landscape architecture in my second semester as a student at North Dakota State University. I was primarily interested in the social aspect of design and the importance of creating places for people to enjoy. I confirmed that I wanted to become a landscape architect when I attended a lecture by one of the most well-known landscape architects in the country, Laurie Olin. He talked about the impacts of design on public spaces.

How has working at Confluence helped you grow in your position?

JAKE: As one of the leading Midwest landscape architecture firms, we work on wide array of project typologies varying in scale, design intent, and context. It is enjoyable and challenging, at the same time, learning about different site issues and then applying best practices approaching design projects. I also get to try new techniques in terms of drawing styles and presentation materials to clients which helps me understand my strengths and weaknesses, becoming a more efficient designer.

What's your favorite part of your job?

JAKE: Working as a landscape architect in-training, I get to be a part of designing our built environment. With that said, every day is different and I am always faced with new challenges. Projects we work on may be similar typologies, but sites are never the same so you are constantly learning about new places, towns, cities within our region. I also get to draw by hand and on a computer! How many people can say they get to do that at work?