Josh Stroschein of Code Bootcamp speaks to SFU&C

On March 5, Sioux Falls Up & Coming hosted Josh Stroschein, a guest speaker, to talk about Code Bootcamp of South Dakota. Read a more about Josh and Code Bootcamp in his own words:

What is Code Bootcamp?

Code Bootcamp is all about building strong web developers with a focus on user-interface (UI)/user experience (UX) skills. We do this over an intense eight week course that goes well beyond building just the technical skills of being a developer. Our curriculum fuses a combination of traditional educational approaches with team based, hands-on learning and a comprehensive mentorship program.

The Code Bootcamp curriculum will focus on the Web development skills used in our region and will include a deep understanding of PHP, LAMP stack, Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, responsive design and the backend services which make the Web work today. We will also spend time with mobile development, security, ecommerce, compliance and ethics.

The entire eight week course costs $4,000 and is limited to a max of 15 students. Applications are open until May 1st, 2015 with class starting on May 25th.

Apply at our website and follow us on Twitter.

How did Code Bootcamp come to fruition?

It all started when I saw a high demand for user-interface (UI)/user experience (UX) skills our region. After speaking with a number of friends, clients and business owners around Sioux Falls, I felt it was time to solve this problem. That is when I approached my partner, Will Bushee, and we teamed up to launch Code Bootcamp. We are both passionate about education and development so this created an incredible partnership.

Could you give us a snapshot of what a Code Bootcamp will entail?

Code Bootcamp is not meant to replace a college education but rather compliment a traditional college program or provide a stand-alone experience for those not pursuing a two or four year degree.  Our curriculum is comprehensive and dynamic, which is critical in building creative development skills. There are three key pillars to our program; one-on-one mentorship, developer lifestyle and an active portfolio. While these are not unique to other bootcamps, they are unique to our area.

Code Bootcamp takes these three pillars and incorporates them into an eight week training curriculum using the latest technologies with a hands-on approach to learning. What this means is that Code Bootcamp is not just eight weeks of memorization. Each day students will have the opportunity to work directly with the technology they are learning, allowing them to grow as a developer with the support of the faculty, mentors and their peers.  Local expects will join us weekly to present their niche areas of expertise. We will also bring in experts in lifestyle skills such as ergonomics, nutrition and exercise to help our students develop the appropriate work/life balance.  Each student will be paired with a mentor which will expand beyond the eight week program, giving them a head start down a lifetime of mentorship and learning. Additionally, each student will have the opportunity to work on two to three real-world projects before completing the program, giving them an outlet to apply the skills they have learned and build an impressive portfolio that highlights their abilities.

Our goal is to achieve 100% job placement of all students within three months of completion. While education is our our primary focus, we also want to be an instrumental force in helping our region to continue to grow as a strong technology hub through the quality of our graduates.

Who would be a good candidate for Code Bootcamp? And what type of knowledge do they need?

Code Bootcamp will serve those who want to jump start their career as a Web developer. Code Bootcamp will be perfect for those who want to change careers or those with a computer science degree but missing the user-interface experience. We also think designers would make great candidates because they work directly with developers and having the knowledge of how to implement a user-interface will better equip their design skills. Code Bootcamp would also make a great replacement of a traditional internship program for any college student.

Before classes begin, we will assess each student’s skills and provide them with self-guided programs to build on the fundamentals. Other than a passion to learn, we are not requiring any other previous experience.