Member Daschle Larsen Talks To The Group About Insurance

On March 19, Sioux Falls Up & Coming member Daschle Larsen spoke to the group about how he came to be an insurance agent and shared what people should know about his business. Read more about Daschle and McKinneyOlson in his own words:

How did you find yourself at McKinneyOlson?

I started my insurance career at Risk Administration Services (RAS) and worked closely with McKinneyOlson on a couple accounts during my time there. When the opportunity to become an agent in an established agency such as McKinneyOlson Insurance, I decided to seize the opportunity, and the rest is history. 

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

I love the chance I get to meet new, interesting people every day. There are so many unique people in the world - everyone has a story, and I love getting the opportunity to learn theirs.  

What are some common misconceptions young professionals have regarding insurance?

Most young professionals, and most consumers for that matter, choose their insurance carrier based on price when a good relationship with their insurance agent should be one of the major deciding factors as to where they place coverage.  Having trust in your agent and knowing you have adequate coverage should be more valuable than the cost of insurance alone.