Members Learn About Dow Rummel Village

On May 7, Darla Van Rosedale and Kjersten Joachim spoke to our group about the growth of Dow Rummel Village, what they have to offer, and discussed some of the misconceptions people have about retirement communities. Read more about Dow Rummel in their own words:

For those who aren't familiar, what is Dow Rummel Village?

Dow Rummel is a nonprofit senior living community that has been a part of the growing Sioux Falls area since its inception in 1963. This vibrant campus has grown from offering one type of housing to offering four options, meeting the needs of about 280 residents today. Dow Rummel set the tone for senior living in Sioux Falls as the first retirement home 52 years ago, then the first retirement community to build independent living apartments on its campus in the early 1990’s, the first retirement community to offer a wellness program beginning in 2002 and the first retirement community to build a Main Street with a Wellness Center and pool in 2004. Overseen by a Board of Trustees who continually look to the future generations as part of their strategic planning for the growth of the business, Dow Rummel has been a leader for senior living in Sioux Falls.  

Who lives in Dow Rummel Village and what amenities do you offer?

Dow Rummel Village is an active senior living community primarily serving people 62 years of age and older. We offer a full continuum of services including independent living (maintenance free living), assisted living, memory care (for those residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s) and a skilled nursing home (providing Medicare/Rehab and Medicaid). We offer Home Health services; a Wellness Center with staff providing land and water classes, as well as individualized wellness sessions; a clinic offering massage therapy, foot care, hearing aid services, and some medical services; and a Main Street with Covell’s Restaurant, a deli, First National Bank, a library, the Village Shoppe, the Main Street Beauty Salon & Barber Shop and a game room/pub.

What role does Dow Rummel play in the community?

Dow Rummel was the first retirement community in Sioux Falls and over the last 52 years has been an innovator in senior living for Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities. We are proud to be a local business that has been supported by and supports Sioux Falls businesses. Many professional people have been involved at Dow Rummel as board members providing guidance and oversight in the management of and growth of our great campus. We are well known for the great quality care we provide and the wonderful quality of life we offer to the residents who live at Dow Rummel.

How can young professionals interact with or play a role in Dow Rummel?

With the Baby Boomer’s retiring, retirement communities will be an important part of Sioux Falls businesses for many years to come. It is a great profession to get involved in. As young professionals you can play a role in Dow Rummel by considering a career in senior living, volunteering, serving on the Board of Trustees, or learning more about what we have to offer so you can support your family members, friends or neighbors who might benefit from making Dow Rummel their home.