Jordan Dalton Shares Financial Advice With Up & Coming

On May 21, Sioux Falls Up & Coming member Jordan Dalton spoke to our group about the importance of budgeting, reducing debt and preparing for retirement. Jordan joined the Principal Financial Group in 2012 as a Financial Services Representative and Princor-Registered Representative. Jordan offered the following advice regarding his main topics of discussion:

Make A Budget

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Determine monthly income
  3. Identify all expenses — Record everything for a month
  4. Establish estimates for monthly spending
  5. Stick to it

Reduce Debt

  1. Manage your credit cards by paying down balances
  2. Consolidate your credit card debt
  3. Visit
  4. Check your credit score at or
  5. Request a free credit report at

Participate In Your Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan

  1. View it as a long-term investment
  2. Benefit from the ability to contribute tax-deferred
  3. Contribute on a consistent basis through payroll deduction
  4. Consider contributing 10% of your pay