Up & Coming Members Learn More About St. Francis House

At the October 20 meeting, Up & Comers got a chance to learn more about the St. Francis House from Dawn Rang, Marketing & Development Specialist with the organization. Check out below to read more from Dawn about what the organization provides, and what you can do to help. 

What does St. Francis House offer to the community?

Our Mission Is:  Moving people from homelessness to hope!  We use a “Hand Up” and not a “Hand Out” approach!  

The St. Francis House is a zero tolerance facility for alcohol, illegal drugs/non-prescribed medications and gambling. 

We are here for anyone that is seeking shelter and a safe place to stay (with a couple exclusions…we do not accept anyone who has a violent offense, which includes simple assaults and/or a sexual charge or conviction – background checks are done on all guests and staff)

Individuals must obtain and maintain full time employment and make deposits of 100% of their paycheck into a house savings account. They can only spend 50% of those funds while staying at the St. Francis House, receipts are turned into their Case Manager to track their spending.  Guests are required to pay off their debts!  

Each guest meets regularly with a Case Manager.  These meetings focus on personal goals, and maintaining employment.  While in the program guests have the opportunity to gain independence, reach their personal goals and make a seamless transition which increases the likelihood of long-term independence. 

We Provide Our Guests:
- Shelter
- 3 Meals a Day
- Sack Lunches (for work)
- Debt Management
- Basic Essentials
- Case Management
- Most of all HOPE!

Reversely, what can the community do to help St. Francis House?

-Volunteer your Time (by bringing in meal for dinner and serve it, or serving a meal we have prepared, cleaning the kitchen, organizing, writing thank you cards)

-Donate Household Essentials (examples: paper towels, toilet paper, ketchup, mustard, sugar, shampoo and conditioner).  Anything you use in your home, we use in ours!

-Provide Financial Support (examples)
- $50 – a temporary home for a hardworking guest
- $75 – An Evening meal for 50 guests after a long hard day of work
- $100 – three nights for a family working to create their own home
- $300 – One month’s rent for a family saving money
- $500 – One week of meals for guest paying off debt
- $1000 – Creating success in 53 women, 18 males and 7 families
- $5000+ - Supporting an organization turning people from homelessness to HOPE!