Michelle Madsen of LSS Mentoring Services Speaks to Up & Coming

Director Michelle Madsen of LLS Mentoring Services presented to the group on Thursday, February 18th on how LSS Mentoring Services is empowering the youth to succeed by establishing trusting relationships with adult volunteers.  Learn more about LSS Mentoring Services below:

What services are offered from LSS?
LSS offers a variety of services including Addiction Services, Adoption & Foster Care Services, Aging Services, Basic Needs Services, Counseling Services, Disabilities Services, Homelessness & Poverty Services, Housing Services, Parenting Services, Youth Treatment Centers, and Mental Health Services.

What schools have availability for Mentoring?
Mentoring Services are available in public school districts in Minnehaha and Lincoln counties and throughout the state of South Dakota as well as throughout the country.

How can I become a Mentor?
Complete an application form. The form is available at Mentoring.LssSD.org. Mentors work with school personnel and LSS to be matched with a student. Most mentors meet with their student over the lunch hour, but schedules can vary according to availability. Together, students and mentors decide what they will do at each meeting.