KSFY's Beth Knutson Presents to SFU&C


Last week, the Sioux Falls Up & Coming group toured the KSFY facility and heard from member Beth Knutson about her position with the company.

Beth is on her second round at KSFY-TV after having been on the KSFY Sales Team for over 4 years. In between then and now, she moved to Brookings to work at the Economic Development Corporation as Entrepreneurship Director. She didn’t stay away long as she was called back to the hustle and bustle of KSFY and Sioux Falls. She sits on the Public Relations Committee Board of the Sioux Empire Home Builders Association, is the executive at large for the SDSU Sioux Empire Alumni Association board and enjoys volunteering at multiple organizations throughout the year.

How did your career lead you to the role you are in now?

As an inquisitive three-year-old, I spent many days observing a world outside of mine. Silently perched at the end of my driveway for hours at a time (I know weird, right?), minding my own, with the occasional lift of the head and wave as a passing car zoomed by, I wondered, where is everyone going? Transitioning into a young adult, I learned that in an age consumed with computers, text messaging, and the typical passing person on the street, good communication and personal human interaction is the basis which drives development and positive relationships. Today that interaction isn’t a passing wave, but a heavily traveled two-way street.  I learned early that relationships are built on a solid foundation of communication which lead me into the world of sales. I  started with KSFY right after college. I left for a stint to enjoy some time in Brookings and was welcomed back to KSFY a little over a year and a half ago.

What is your favorite part of your role?

A couple of favorite things: Getting to work with a wide variety of awesome people -  internally and externally - and the fast-paced environment which keeps me on my toes and running.

What are some challenges you come across in your role?

Starting at KSFY-TV as an account executive I was faced with the challenge of engaging and developing new clients from square one. It took a great deal of determination and persistence to have these potential clients put their faith in me that I would help them grow their business through a medium they had little or no experience with. Seven years later I continue to work closely with these business owners to not only build multimedia marketing campaigns that are unique to their business model but also effectively communicate these strategies to the public. Today with the thousands of marketing options businesses have to choose from, it’s still an exciting challenge!

What are some dreams or goals you have personally or see for the business achieving in the next few years?

Personal goals:

·         Embrace Empathy

·         Say yes to experiences that scare me

·         Serve more

·         Read More. Read Often

·         Eat more vegetables - J