Member Alicia Koch Hosts Up & Coming at Faini Designs

Up & Coming member Alicia Koch hosted the group at Faini Designs Jewelry Studio to talk about her position and the work Faini does.

What is your role with Faini Designs?
I am currently, a sales associate at Faini Designs. My focus is on helping customers find the perfect piece of jewelry whether it is a custom design or one of the many jewelry lines carried by Faini. I assist with inventory management.

How did you get started with the industry you're in?
After spending time looking for the perfect engagement ring and not finding anything that matched my personal style. I came to Faini hoping to design my own engagement ring. Gerrad and I worked closely together to make my design come to life. I enjoyed the process so much that when the opportunity presented itself to work for them I gladly accepted.

What is the best part about the work you do?
The best part of my job is creating meaningful piece of jewelry that exceed the customer’s expectations in both design and functionality.

What are some unique or special things about Faini that many readers might not know?
Faini has been in business for over sixty years. The company started in the whole sale industry and added retail in 2008. As a result all jewelry repairs are completed in house.

Why do you think Sioux Falls is a good place for young professionals?
Sioux Falls is a good place for young professionals because it is constantly expanding, which brings new opportunities to the area but keeps its small town values.