Members Learn About the Benefits of Relationship University


Tracey Quint, Community Relations Specialist at Relationship University, recently hosted Sioux Falls Up & Coming to teach members about the benefits of the organization.

Tell us about Relationship University.
Relationship University is a voluntary program providing free healthy relationship education to Sioux Falls and the surrounding community. Our goal is to strengthen marriages and relationships for individuals and families through skill-based education.

Where can people learn about the courses offered, and how can people sign up?
People can learn about us through our Facebook page and through the Volunteers of America, Dakotas webpage. To sign up, you can just call us at 605-334-1414 and we’ll get you set up!

What value do you think these courses offer the community?
It has been shown that healthy relationships are essential to our overall health and wellness. The courses offered by Relationship University provide the community with tools to improve communication, increase parenting skills, and learn conflict resolution. The stronger the relationships within a community are, the stronger the community is as a whole.

What can young professionals like those in our group to do help Relationship University?
The biggest thing young professionals like those in the group can do is spread the word! Almost anyone could benefit from learning new relationship skills. We want to help as many people as we can for as long as we can.